• M. Taylor

    I just wanted to say that the three men who came over this morning to fix the trim and stairs and such, were amazing. They’re very nice and respectable of everything around them, including me. We’re very thankful for their work.

  • Kathy G

    We WILL have a super fantastic weekend in our new home thanks to Thornridge Homes!

  • Tim V.

    I wish to express to my deepest thanks and appreciation for all the support I have received from Thornridge’s building team. They have been very flexible and supportive in making modifications to our new home.

  • Jacky C.

    Thank you for everything. We are so happy that we went with Thornridge Homes for the purchase of our first home. You guys truly made it an awesome experience and we love our house!! I tell everyone about our great experience with you guys!

  • Marlon & Milena S.

    We are pleased to have purchased our dream home from a consciencious Builder who has always managed to deliver on its commitments. Furthermore, we are thrilled that your expertise in building and development have given us an elegant community, which will be enjoyed for years to come, and be filled with our family’s memories!

  • Kevin S.

    I commend you on clearly hiring the best in the business. As both customers and realtors, we cannot say enough about our positive experience to date and as such, thought it was important for you to know.

  • Anna M.

    …you should be very proud of the work your employees do. The house is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Adrian and Mihaela S.

    We’ve already spent a couple of nights in our new place and we find it very enjoyable… we’d like to let you know that we are pleased on how everything turned out and we thank you for everything.

  • Gennadiy G.

    I am very satisfied that I bought my new Townhome from Thornridge Homes – builders that provide superior quality and excellent after sales service.

  • Adeel K.

    Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get in a pre-construction unit, but in the end our unit turned out exactly how we imagined it in our heads – and that is a tough thing to accomplish, so bravo!