Once you move into your new Thornridge Home, you may notice deficiencies that were not noted on the Pre-Delivery Inspection. Tarion Warranty Corportation has implemented a 30-Day form, a One (1) Year Warranty Form, and a Two (2) Year Warranty Form. You can locate these online at www.tarion.com and then click on “My Home: Manage your Warranty Online” or if you are unable to access the forms online and require a paper copy you can call Tarion at 1-877-982-7466.


The Tarion 30-Day Form may be submitted to Tarion and Thornridge Homes during your first 30 days of possession. You should list on the form any unresolved warranty items from your Pre-Delivery Inspection and any new items that have arisen since you took possession of the home.If you do not submit your 30-Day Form before the submission deadline, you may submit any outstanding warranty items on your Year-End Form.


One month prior to the one-year anniversary of closing your Thornridge home, prepare your Year-End Form. We suggest you include any outstanding items from previous submissions, settlement deficiencies, and any other inquires you may have at this time. It is recommended that you read the “Drywall Cracks, Nail Pops, Shrinkage” section below prior to requesting your Year-End service.


Your new home is composed of many different building materials, which contain and release moisture. Due to significant changes in temperature, your new home will be subject to visible signs of settlement and material shrinkage that are beyond the control of Thornridge Homes.

The following are examples:

  • Drywall cracking at doorway arches
  • Drywall nail popping
  • Wall shrinking away from back countertops
  • Door sticking
  • Minor gaps in stairways
  • Minor cracks in wood surfaces
  • Minor cracks in corners of door and wood trims

These deficiencies are not covered as warrantable items under the Tarion Guidelines. However, as a courtesy, Thornridge Homes will service these items at the end of the first anniversary on a one-time basis. Drywall nail popping and drywall cracking will be addressed on the one year but repainting of these areas will be the homeowners’ responsibility.


Use the second year form to note any outstanding items covered by the two year warranty. During your second year of ownership the warranty protects you from water seepage through the basement or foundation walls, defects in materials causing water penetration to the building envelope, defects in work and materials in the electrical, heating and plumbing distribution systems.


The final stage of our warranty program protects your home from major structural defects through to the seventh year from the date of possession. This means that any defects in materials or work that result in failure of a load bearing part of your homes structure or any defects in materials or work that significantly and adversely affect the use of the building as a home.

LINK: Tarion homeowner information manual

For more information on your warranty coverage please contact Tarion Warranty Corporation directly or visit their website. 


Any new home warranty inquiries should be directed to Tarion Warranty Corporation.

Tarion Representatives are available Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.


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