Tarion Homeowner Warranty ProgramPrior to your date of possession a Thornridge Homes representative will guide you (or your designate) through an inspection of your new home called the “Pre-Delivery Inspection” or “PDI”.

The inspection takes place when your new home is ready for occupancy and will likely be your first opportunity to view your home in its completed state. The PDI is your best opportunity to learn from our representative how to operate the systems in your new home such as ventilation, plumbing, heating or electrical.

Please note this is not a time to show your new home to your family and friends.

During the inspection, you and our representative will record the deficiencies you find on a PDI form to acknowledge that the conditions existed prior to you moving into the home. If you are unable to assess something because it has not been installed, completed or cleaned, please have this noted on the PDI form as well.

When this form is complete, you will be asked to review and sign it to confirm that the listed items are accurate.

At your PDI you will also be provided with a copy of the Tarion Homeowner Information Package. Please read the package to better understand your Tarion New Home Warranty. You can also visit Tarion’s website at: www.tarion.com for more information.

The “Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP)” lists your home’s Warranty Program enrolment numbers as well as the date of possession (which is also the start of your statutory warranty). We will give you a signed copy of the CCP for your records and we will forward a copy to the warranty program.