Will all the work from my Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) be done prior to closing?
Not necessarily. We strive to complete as many items as possible, but some items may still be outstanding, which you should include on your 30-Day Report. There are several reasons why we may not be able to complete all items reported at your PDI, such as:
  • Timing – we may be unable to schedule the appropriate trade to have the work completed if there is a short timeframe between the PDI and the closing day.
  • Material Availability – certain materials may be back-ordered, and we may not receive them from our supplier until after your closing date.
  • Weather – it may not be possible to repair certain exterior items if the weather is not suitable.
When do I get my keys?

Keys are obtained from the Site Construction Office on your closing day.  A Thornridge Homes head office staff member will contact you to pick up your keys.  Please keep in mind that until Thornridge staff have officially received notice from our lawyer on your closing day stating that the electronic title transfer is complete we are unable to release keys to you (even if your lawyer states that the transaction is complete). This may take up to the end of the business day.  We remind you that the Site Construction Office closes Monday – Thursday at 5:00pm and Fridays at 4:00pm.  If your closing is occurring near the end of business hours please contact us immediately thereafter and we can make arrangements for key pickup at our Sales Office for your convenience, or make alternate arrangements if necessary.

Please note, your move-in date should not be arranged for the day of closing.  Ideally it should be scheduled for the day after to avoid any issues that might arise during the closing process.

Do I need to contact the utilities companies myself to have the account in my name?

Prior to your closing, please contact your local utility providers to notify them of the change in ownership.  Please refer to the Thornridge Homes Utility Company Contact List for your local utility providers contact information.

We recommend you take your own reading on the day of closing to verify against your first bill.

When and where can I get my postal code?
Canada Post assigns postal codes.  You can obtain your postal code by calling 1-900-565-2633 or online at www.canadapost.ca
What is my Municipal Address?
Once the plan of subdivision has been registered the Municipality will assign a Municipal address.  The City/Town Municipal Planning Department for your new community will be able to give you your new address.
Will telephone/cable jacks and central vacuum cover plates be installed in my new home?
No. The builder provides the rough-in of these lines only. You need to contact the telephone/cable provider in your area to arrange for the installation of the jacks and cover plates.
Am I able to visit the home while under construction?
Due to safety and insurance reasons, under no circumstances are any unauthorized personnel permitted to be on site during construction as regulated by the Ontario Health and Safety Board of Ontario.
Am I able to do any of the work myself prior to closing?
No. Provincial and Municipal safety regulations prevent homeowners and their agents from performing any work in the home prior to closing and will void all warranties.
Will we have a door from our house to the garage?
The feasibility of installing this door within the applicable Building Codes and Municipal Bylaws is dependent on the final grade of the property and will be accommodated wherever possible.
Will the driveway be paved?
Thornridge Homes will co-ordinate the installation of asphalt driveway paving within 270 days of seasonable weather from the date of possession. Prior to commencing, our office will send a notice to each home to advise of estimated start dates. In this notice we will include all the procedures we will require each homeowner to follow in order to facilitate the installation. For further details on the timelines for the installation of the asphalt driveway paving and landscaping please refer to your copy of the Tarion Homeowner Information Package.
When will we get sod?
Sod is generally laid within the 1st year of occupancy. Timing can vary and is dependent on the final install of city curbs and sidewalks and such install is determined by the local Municipality and the Developer.
Can I build a fence?
Once the builder has certified their final lot grading and grading deposits have been returned it is suggested to check with the Municipality prior to fence installation.
How do I know where my lot lines are?
Please refer to the copy of your lot plan that was provided to you as part of your legal documents on closing. Certain physical features such as swales, hydro or cable pedestals do not represent lot boundaries. You may find survey pins on your lot, but do not rely on these pins as they may have been moved during grading & landscaping. Thornridge Homes does not go back to survey the lot lines after the closing date, therefore we recommend hiring a qualified surveyor to locate your lot lines prior to installing fences, hedges or boundary feature. This will ensure you are not encroaching on the adjoining properties.
When does my warranty begin?
Your warranty begins when you take possession of your home, on your closing day.
Why is there water/ice build-up on my windows?

Condensation and ice on windows will occur if high relative humidity is maintained inside the home during periods of very cold weather. Humidity in the home is largely influenced and controlled by the family's lifestyle.  A variety of factors can cause higher than normal levels of humidity such as the number of occupants, cooking patterns, showering and other daily activities.  Also, humidity is higher during the first year of occupancy of a new home due to the home “drying out”.

As soon as excessive condensation occurs on inside window surfaces, steps should be taken to reduce the relative humidity by controlling the moisture sources or by increasing ventilation. You can try the following:

  • Run the fans in your home - the primary exhaust fan located in the powder room, the furnace fan, stove hood fan or bathroom fans
  • Open windows for natural air circulation (weather permitting)
  • Open blinds and curtains during the day
  • Remove interior window screens during winter months for air to flow freely against windows
  • Leave inside room doors open for better circulation
  • Avoid blocking cold air vents with furniture
Who is responsible for snow removal and sanding/salting on my street?
Please contact your Municipality for details.
I want to finish my basement – when is a good time to start?
We recommend not finishing your basement within the first year of your possession date. Access is required to service your home during the warranty period.